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National Flood Insurance Program

The summer of 2018 saw significant flooding in areas that are in flood plains. Anyone can purchase flood insurance for situations just like what we experienced.  Check out the link below:

Help Burst those Flood Insurance Myths

Recycle Right Lancaster

Click on this link to view LCSWMA Resident’s Guide

When transporting waste, all commercial and residential customers must secure open loads with a tarp.  Click here to see LCSWMA’s friendly reminder about tarps on open loads

Click here to understand why-from LCSWMA   Why is my trash fee going up?

LCSWMA recently announced new guidelines for curbside recycling in Lancaster County. They’re asking residents to place ONLY the Big 4 in their bins.  Click on this link to read about Recycle Right Lancaster 

Please feel free to stop at the Township Office and pick up a free recycling bin.

Lancaster EMS (LEMSA)

Lancaster EMS provides primary ambulance service for Pequea Township.
Click on the link to learn more about LEMSA OR Find Lancaster EMS on Facebook.

Sewage Act 537 Plan

Pequea Township is mandated to follow Act 537 Sewage.  Please check out our Important Contacts page where we have a list of registered pumpers to choose from.  Refer to our Ordinances & Resolutions page regarding Ordinance 193-2016.  

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